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Group System

"Experience seamless communication with Point2Point IT's Cloud Phone Service - try it for free today!"

VoIP Cloud is perfect for you if:

  • You need a feature rich phone system

  • You want flexibility to add lines and extensions when you need to

  • You want flexibility to have staff working remotely or from home

  • You want calls included in your package

  • You’ve got a good internet connection (don’t worry we’ll make sure your internet connection is suitable before we sell you hosted PBX)

How does it work?

Most businesses eventually get to a size where they need a professional phone system. Whether you need multiple extensions and the ability to transfer calls, a professional IVR to route calls through to the correct department or member of a team, whether you need voicemail or the ability to record your calls for legal or training reasons, most businesses eventually move away from single or multiple fixed lines towards a feature-rich phone system.

In the past, the only choice was to invest in a costly phone system, which meant large upfront costs for equipment and installation and usually ongoing maintenance costs to keep the system up and running and to make any changes to the system configuration.

Today, businesses can take advantage of a Hosted system like MyTelecom Cloud™. It delivers the same functionality as traditional phone systems but instead of investing in a costly system on-site – all the technology is ‘hosted’ for you on servers that you access using the internet. That way you don’t have to worry about upfront equipment or ongoing maintenance costs. Plus, MyTelecom Cloud™ customers get calls to UK 01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers included for free!

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